Need RH26 firmware for my HP bd340i BluRay burner


It is absolutely impossible to contact HP regarding this. My drive comes with RH24 firmware, but I’d like to flash it with RH26 to see if BluRay burning problems go away.

Could someone please upload RH26 or point me to where I can download it?

Thank you.

Several years ago a user here managed to get the firmware from HP.
You might want to PM them in case they are still active here.

Alternatively you might be able to get help with crossflashing it to the LiteOn iHBS212 by asking on that forum

Thank you.

Status update: So I hacked the Lite-On firmware executable (HL05.exe) so it could actually work (I think) with bd340i, flashed the HL05 firmware, and turned the HP drive into a brick.

If/when someone posts the RH26.exe file, I’ll try flashing it.

You don’t need to hack the executable. Binaries are available for most iHBSx12 drives and their many clones, and flashing a *.bin is very easy. Just have a look here: LiteOn iHBS112/212/312 Crossflashing & Firmware: Looking for a few tips? for the firmware and once you have it you can flash the drive using the latest Flash Utility (Flash Utility for PLDS/LiteOn Based Optical Drives (v7.2.0))

HL05 will work with bd340i drives since the bd340i is an iHBS212 clone, but the EEPROM code might be different… if your drive continuously blinks and refuses to read any discs then that’s the case. You need to fix the EEPROM either manually or by using the change checksum button in the checksum tab of the latest EEPROM Utility (EEPROM Utility for PLDS/LiteOn/Sony CD & DVD Writers (v6.2.0 SE)) in order to complete the crossflash and after that the drive will work just fine.

Is the behaviour I described above by any chance what you mean by it “turned the HP drive into a brick”?

If the drive is dead and there is no detection on the system then there is only a chance DosFlash will upload the firmware bin.

I think you have 2 generations of PLDS PLD-DH-12B2LH and that kind of firmware bin have to upload.

I have a HP bd340 first generation and I have a RH24 firmware and a code in Eeprom BC.


Yes, the my drive blinks and is invisible to Win 10. I will give the EEPROM utility a try.

I kind of admit that I hacked HL05.exe for the sheer fun of it.:slight_smile: Also, I recall having problems with flashing iHBS212_2_HL05_dump.BIN via other means, plus was afraid that iHAS324B_AL18_UL-FWHQ.exe might be doing things that were not very… iHBS212-ish, since I don’t understand the flashing API and how it might differ between models.

Thanks for all your suggestions,



Dzięki za info. I have (or at least “had”) the exact same drive as you. Thank also for pointing me to the Opti Drive utility.




What is the exact date of production of your version?
As you have firmware there RH24 is probably the first technical generation.
It is not possible to upload a second-generation firmware version to the first-generation version.
For that you probably have a “brick”

In that case only has the chance to restore to life has DosFlash V2.0 and you have to if you have the first generation of design to upload any firmware of the first generation PLDS PLD-DH-12B2LH

Is this 1-st generation?

New photo by Ziemowit Łąski

For 100% first generation PLDS PLD-DH-12B2LH.

Thanks so much for clarifying. Do you know where I could get my hands on the first-generation PLD-DH-12B2LH firmware? (I’m assuming there are 2 versions/generations here?) I’ve browsed about but could not find it (although I do see it being discussed).

Thanks again,


You have the first generation firmware in the link that you have already inserted in @cvs.

I have yet another addition to the first generation Plextor PX-B950SA firmware 1.00

You can use the latest Flash Utility to flash both 1st and 2nd generation drives. It cannot get any simpler than that. Rest assured that the other methods work too, only that they are more complicated. They have been all tried and tested many times already, so we know for sure that they work just fine if the instructions are followed correctly.

If the drive is a 1st generation drive, it will work just fine with both 1st and 2nd generation firmwares. I’ve got a 1st generation iHBS212 drive which I have been running for many years now with the latest 2nd generation PX-LB950SA firmware on board.

Any 2nd generation firmware will work with any iHBSx12 drive, irrespective of its generation (but not vice-versa). What is not possible is to flash a 2nd generation drive with a 1st generation firmware.

Could you post a copy of this firmware please?


Of course the first generation works with the second firmware.

But what else in my opinion is a problem.

When I change the model - the first generation crossfire of mine requires security is the first generation of firmware.
Only after the model change can you upgrade to the second generation firmware.
Several times I met “bricks” when a second generation firmware was first uploaded to crossfire for first generation models.

Plextor PX-B950SA 1.00 firmware uploaded to PM.