Need rev.1.00 FW for 2164d



Greetings from germany.

i’ve been using the 2164d for 2 years now,never encountering any problems.coupla months ago i made an upgrade from 1.00 to 1.01.that’s when my problems started:visible ring-gaps,write errors,disc writing speed underestimates…WHY DOES A MULTISESSION DVD+R HAVE DVD-ROM BOOKTYPE,SO IT CANNOT BE CONTINUED(even if i change it in nero,dvd decrypter,alcohol…)?
i searched google for the old 1.00 firmware,no success so any of you guys by any chance happen to have the old revision?



In general, LG doesn’t ever release the first version of its firmware for any drive as a download. That generally only ships with the earliest releases of the drives. Also, I don’t believe there is any way to retrieve the firmware from an LG writer (although I may be wrong about this for Panasonic chipset LG writers, which is what your drive is). So there isn’t a way to flash back to 1.00.

There are other options you can try, such as cross flashing to a 2166D, but I am not sure these are good ideas. I don’t have your drive so I cannot speak from personal experience. Perhaps someone else who has your drive can help you with that. Good luck.