Need reliable/supported drive please

I’m coming from a ND-3540A, looking for a 20-22x drive. I need something reliable, speed is of a lesser concern. Also looking for something that is well supported. What drives are most common these days as far as firmware modding and/or crossflashing? I have been mainly looking at the new Pioneer and Optiarc drives but open to other suggestions. Thanks and sorry, I haven’t messed with firmware in quite some time. I’m a bit behind.

If I were to buy a new drive now, I’d go for an Optiarc 72xxA/S series drive (A = IDE, S = SATA).

Failing that, if you can still find them, the Pioneer 115D/215 or Samsung 203x drives are both excellent. :slight_smile:

I read that the some of the Pioneer’s can be crossflashed to enable LabelFlash. Is there anything interesting to be done on the Nec’s?

Having a Labelflash drive myself (NEC ND-4551A), I personally don’t think it’s that good. I prefer LightScribe.

Although the Pioneer crossflash you speak of will also enable DVD-RAM writing (I believe), which is a plus IMO :slight_smile:

Not sure about what can be done with the latest Optiarcs I’m afraid. So if you’re definitely looking to crossflash, the Pioneer probably is your best option. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I’m eliminating NEC from my options due to the mixed usage of Lite-On drives. :frowning: I’m either going to go with LG or Pioneer. What do you think about the LG drives? I read they use a Panasonic chipset which I’ve never used before.