Need Reliable -R Media for 812S

I work for a school and we have just built a new 6 bay duplication tower for DVDs using the 812S drives. Our other duplication tower uses Pioneer A05 drives so uses only -R media. To avoid confusion we need to use -R media in our new 812S drives as well. Already we have found some brands don’t work reliably (high number of coasters and failure to complete copying, etc.) with the 812S. The Pioneer drives have little trouble with a wide variety of brands.

I’ve read to recently posted review of the 812S and the -R media the reviewer tested. Would welcome any other input on inexpensive reliable -R media for the 812S.


  1. Do a firmware upgrade to US0N
  2. Use DVD-R with GSC002 code (sold in Europe as Esperanza 4x Special Quality Edition), they are inexpensive and reliable – burned some 30 of them in my 811S, with only 4 or 5 failing.

Depends on your deffinition of “reliable”, but for DVD-R there are really 3 choices. TY, Maxell (both made in Japan), or MCC. YMMV, but there aren’t any others that fit my deffinition of reliable. As to price, it depends on your location but the Maxell is often on sale.

I have 812S, updated to USON firmware, modify with omni, use TYG01 strategy to burn MXL RG01 using TYG01 strat to burn at 4x, work very well with avg PI at around 9, and highest at 32 (readed by 166S tho, because my 812S give very very high PI at around 80 avg, which have been reported that it’s not accurate compare to other Liteon burner’s result)

Mitsubishi Chemicals (Verbatim) work great with LiteON DVD burners and are quite inexpensive nowadays…not a single coaster yet and scans look very very nice;)

I’ve got both TY and MXL and I’d highly recommend them since we talk about DVD-R.

They both burn fine at 4x with their original starts. What’s the point of using TY start for MXL? Example of MXL burnt at 4x (not the best fw, btw)

Or, never mind, I didn’t realize it was about RG01.