Need Reliable DVD-R/+R for Data Storage



I’m looking for very good quality DVDs for Data Storage. I prefer DVD-Rs, but I’ll take DVD+Rs as well. So far the only ones I’ve found are the Taiyo Yuden at Supermediastore. The only thing is that I don’t need 100 DVDs, I would like to pay half the price for a 50 pack.

Do you guys have any ideas?




Suggest that you get Taiyo Yuden 50 pack from

They are possibly the best vendor known to us freaks-

Be prepared - you are going to pay for more than half for a 50 cakebox - from anyone! Also the shipping for a 100 cakebox from Rima is only slightly higher than for the 50 cakebox-

btw - Rima sells only Grade A medias-

Happy Burnin’



I second that emotion. Rima is, to the best of my knowledge, the only seller of Taiyo Yuden unbranded media in the USA that’s a TY authorized reseller.



You could always purchase a 100 pack and then ebay the rest or I am positive you can find someone on here who may just purchase the other 50 from you.


You can always order here. I know its supermedia store. I have ordered from them many times with not one single problem.


Keep in mind, those ones at supermediastore are only 4X, and are the TY “Value,” graded media. (Still better than almost anyone else’s A grade stuff though.)



Yo JD-

Just to let you know Bra - SuperMediaStore carries the regular Taiyo Yuden also - BUT it has been my experience that they charge more than Rima for their shipping - and their ratings are significantly lower than Rimas-



I know thier ratings are lower then Rima. I ordered the 4x from supermedia store and got the 8x. They will burn at a 16x with my benq 1620.


Yo studmonkey76-

Ya - I ordered the TY “value discs” from SuperMediaStore too - 'cause at that price ($22) - it would have been crazy NOT to-

The $8.87 shipping pi$$ed me off though-



I ordered mine when they had a free shipping special. Got 200 of them for 40 bucks cause i had a coupon code also.


Yo studmonkey76-

You certainly got a great deal on great discs there Bra-

Good for you-



Well, my burner is only 8X, and the Taiyo Yuden 4X media will probably burn at 8X anyway. I might just go ahead and do it.


If you want them to be super reliable, I’d try them at 6X, but at 8 you might be sacrifuicing a bit of burn quality. Then again, you MIGHT get T02’s too. :slight_smile: