Need Registration Keys

About a month ago I purchased Anydvd and Clonedvd. I recently had to wipe my computer and i lost my registration to these 2 programs. I have sent 3 separate emails to Slysoft and nobody will return my messages. All that I am asking is for them to resend me my registration information for the 2 programs that I paid for. What can I do?

Ask again. They will answer, but probably not within 24 hours… It can take a couple of days. And next time, save your keys on a floppy disk / USB stick / CD-R / …

@ dvdburner13,

Olli is correct if in fact you provided all the necessary information when you contacted SlySoft.

If you closely review the SlySoft Contact Forum ( you will see that SlySoft clearly states that they will not reply/respond to request if the Contact Forum is not completely filled out. That means if you fail to provide your AnyDVD-Clone License Number they will not reply/respond to your request.

Perchance did you completely fill out the SlySoft Contact Forum and ensure that you provided your AnyDVD-CloneDVD License Numbers? If not you will never hear anything from them. Your AnyDVD-CloneDVD License Numbers were provided to you when SlySoft sent you your AnyDVD and CloneDVD Registration Keys.

In seeing that you failed to back up and safe guard your AnyDVD-CloneDVD Registrations Keys it is logical to assume you failed the keep a copy of your SlySoft AnyDVD and CloneDVD License Numbers. Am I correct in assuming you didn’t keep a copy of your AnyDVD-CloneDVD License Numbers and also failed to provide this information to SlySoft when you were filling out the SlySoft Contact Forum?

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I sent several emails to the customer support where they just needed my name and email. When my computer was wiped I lost all my previous emails with all the keys and licenses. I have never had this problem before with any other company when I have already paid for a product. When you pay for a product, that is yours to keep. Every other company that I contacted to get my other program keys had no problems resending them back to me. If all they are going to do is ignore my emails, that is the worst customer support I have experienced yet. Most companies offer to purchase a back up copy of programs like these, but they have no option like this. I paid for these programs and they have those keys readily available to resend, but you are saying they won’t do it if I don’t have my license keys. All the information they need is my full name and original email address. Apparently they are just trying to get more money out of people by being this stubborn by not responding to emails. Like I said, this is the worst customer support I have experienced yet.

@ dvdburner13,

Perchance did you read the big bold notice on the SlySoft Contact Forum when you were sending your 3 requests to SlySoft? It states in Big Bold letters “We Will Not Reply To Incomplete Forms!” In reading the notice that is clearly stated on the SlySoft Contact Forum why would you think that they would be contacting you when you failed to provide them with the required AnyDVD-CloneDVD License Numbers?

Perchance do you remember reading the E-Mail that SlySoft sent you when they sent you your Registration Keys? To refresh your memory it said “Please make a safety backup of your license key file on a floppy disk or a CD and keep it in a safe place - we cannot replace your license key, if you have lost it!”

SlySoft clearly told you in advance that if you lost your Registrations Key that they would not replace your Registration Keys. So I personally believe you are unjustified in complaining about your lost Registration Keys.

Why didn’t you make a copy of your Registrations Keys and store them in a safe place?

Do you think if you lost the keys to your car that your car dealership will smile at you and replace your car keys free of charge?

Have you ever looked on the back of your Microsoft Windows CD disk. In big bold letters is say “Don’t Lose This Product Key.” Do you think if you loose your Microsoft Windows installation Product Key that Microsoft will give you a new free of charge?

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Perchance did you read where I said I have never had this problem from any company before, ever!?

Perchance did you read where I said when I sent the 3 emails I sent them to customer support/common inquiry where they did not ask for a license number? Everything was FULLY filled out when I sent it and I received NO response in return to my issue. That is what we call ignoring the customer.

I had many programs lost and NOT ONE OTHER company had a problem resending those keys to me. In fact, I had all of them within 12 hours of my sent emails and some of those programs were purchased 8 months to 1 year ago.

Perchance did you read where I said all that is needed to replace the keys is my full name and original email address? You say that they CAN’T respond or send the keys and you are wrong, they are CHOOSING not to replace those keys. I fully paid for those programs and there is no reason except they don’t WANT to replace them.

And how in the hell are you going to compare this company to Microsoft. At least Microsoft can respond to emails and they have a contact phone line like every other company that’s worth anything. Now I know why Slysoft doesn’t have a contact number or even a full address listed. The only thing Microsoft and Slysoft have in common are that they are both money hungry companies. One just has the worst support I have ever experienced!!

You need to chill.

If you lose your Windows license key and call up Microsoft and complain they will just - very politely - tell you to go screw. They will NOT replace your license key for free. Lots of people won’t.

Now that said, I have no idea why a company that primarily sells licenses over e-mail couldn’t replace your keys, but if they clearly state that their policy is to NOT do so, then you have no cause for getting pissed off that they won’t.

Additionally, Olli has recommended that you be patient - that it takes a few days for them to get around to personalized replies. He knows what he’s talking about, after all (wink wink).

Do you think if you lost the keys to your car that your car dealership will smile at you and replace your car keys free of charge?

If i lost my car keys, I can for sure say that my dealership will not charge me for a new car to get my keys back. There would be a small fee to replace them. Now, I never said there shouldn’t be some sort of charge to replace the program keys, but having to repurchase these programs when they can just send me the keys is just ridiculous.

Why not? That’s what I call bad customer support.

If you can buy licenses over e-mail why can’t they re-send these keys again?? Just because they say they won’t … :confused:

@dvdburner13, wait a few days just as Olli said … if they still haven’t replied after a few days, it sure is the worst customer support I’ve seen but don’t start flaming afetr a few hours (too bad you never mention when you sended those emails).

@Namoh, One email was sent on Tuesday just before 11:49 AM, the other 2 emails I sent on Wednesday, 1 in the morning and another 12 hours later.

I would imagine dvdburner13, that quite a few people know your e mail address and the other details you e mailed to Slysoft. Now with this scenario, anyone could request a new set of keys. My own e mail address has been stolen and was being used for; I hate to think what.

I’m not saying this could happen in your situation, but it could very easily in others. Slysoft could be sending out keys to all sorts of crafty people claiming they have lost their key.

Place yourself in Slysoft’s position; they are in business to make money the same as we all are by running a company or working for one.

Now please don’t think I’m accusing you of trying to con Slysoft, I promise you I am not. If people were trying to con you out of some of your wages by unfair means, you would take steps to not let it happen.

This is all Slysoft are doing, nothing else and I would do the same. I hope you read the warnings about keys; they are not to be taken lightly. As for customer service, Slysoft is without a doubt the best company I have ever used for help and updates of a product.

I know you feel pissed off with us telling you this as well as your computer getting trashed and I am sorry for that. Maybe as a good will gesture Slysoft may supply you with some new keys, but that is entirely up to them. Calling them a greedy company doesn’t help!

And - by the way - Microsoft’s products cost about ten times as much as a SlySoft product. And you don’t get lifetime free updates. And every single support incident costs 5 times of a SlySoft product. But to get these free updates you must keep your keys or at least some other kind of proof of purchase.
I believe that isn’t too much to ask. SlySoft says, they do not replace lost keys. I understand that, because it is a timely and therefore costly(!) procedure.
Some guy must sit there, read emails, do some detective work on a user’s e-mail address in a database, answer him, resend the keys and because they are in the end caught by some AOL spam filter, create a new download link, …
This all costs time and money, and it is a waste of money, because it is SOOOO easy for the user to keep the key safe.
If you accidently lose money on your way out of the bank, you can’t go back and say “hey, can you please replace it”?
And remember, we aren’t talking about a “Photoshop-class” several hundret dollar program (although I doubt that the tech support of Adobe as better than SlySofts). We are talking about 39 bucks.
SlySoft’s products are very cheap for what you get, so if you are stupid enough to “throw them away”, well then buy them again.
That said, I know that SlySoft usually does replace keys, regardless of what they say on their site. Just to keep their customers happy. But you might have to say “pretty, please”. :slight_smile:

I think companies establish what kind of company they are by their rules for interacting and providing support for their customers, and by how they assist a customer who has a problem afterwards - whether it fits the rules or not. As a consumer, we must choose who we do business with. Sometimes we get burned - maybe because of something we should have done differently - maybe because the company we are doing business with can’t be bothered providing after sales support. I have experienced both - as well as receiving outstanding customer support from some companies (both “brick & mortar” types and internet.
Needless to say, it is those companies who provide outstanding customer support at competitive product prices who always get my recommendations, repeat business and kind remarks. They seem to be the companies who are successful and last the longest also. I’ve always thought Elaborate Bytes was one of those firms.
It is unfortunate that Slysoft hasn’t developed a more customer friendly and supportive process for a lost license key file. While Slysoft probably can’t be totally cavalier about passing license key files around to alleged customers, it surely can’t be too difficult to verify a person actually purchased the software, and then provide some sort of assistance. Purchase and credit card records work pretty well for this sort of thing.

@ dvdburner13,

No need to be obstinate.

I have only provided information that is clearly stated by SlySoft.

When you purchased the software from SlySoft you entered in an agreement with SlySoft to abide by their clearly stated polices. If you did not want to agree with SlySoft’s clearly stated polices you were not forced to purchase their software products.

I and many other Forum members do not have any problems with SlySoft’s clearly sated polices, they way they conduct business, or their Customer Support. I know of no other DVD/CD Copying Software provider who provides timely and quick updates to their Customers. Many times these updates are provided within hours of SlySoft being made aware of problem with their software.

Best Regards,

PS- Addressing Forum member Rich86 Credit Card comment. Credit Card companies to prevent fraud do not allow the keeping of Credit Card transaction information to be stored because of the risk of having computer hackers steal this information and compromise the integrity of the Credit Card. So it’s not that easy just to back track and verify Credit Card purchase.

Actually, although the consumer must approve the retention of credit card info for future transactions, I believe you will find that the method of payment used for a past purchase is legally retained.
I say this with some confidence because I am able to sort out transactions with retailers by simply telling them my name, approximate date of the transaction, and the credit card used, and they can usually pull the transaction up. That does not work for cash or check transactions. What I’m not sure of is how long that information is retained in the system by the retailer - maybe it is temporary - I don’t think I have ever tried to do that after many months, etc.

I am not going to argue about slysofts customer support which in my opinion is great but mostly through updates and olli on these boards…
Maybe there email replys needs to be improved as there have been a good few posts now complaining about not getting any replys…
And we all know there is nothing more annoying than waiting on a reply and not to get even an acknowledgement…
Most times it is the users fault but they are not all tech minded and might need help now and then…
Having said that the few times i have contacted slysoft on other matters i got very quick replys …

So let’s ask a hypothetical…

Which would you rather get? A form mail that says “sorry we don’t give out more keys but we’ll forward your request to a service representative, no promises”, followed by a week’s delay…

or just the week’s delay followed by some keys?

What I’m saying is that Slysoft is (my hunch here) a very small company. They’re busy. If there are three of them, SOMEONE has to go hunting through the e-mail to find the keys, etc. etc.

You want an irritating form letter? Maybe that might make you happier. :wink:

I would rather have the first option at least you would know someone knows about your problem even if you have to wait the same amount of time for your keys…
Remember he has already said every other software company has gave him his keys within a day so why have a weeks delay anyway…

I like the old saying…
“Lack of Planning on Your part Does Not Constitute an Emergency on our Part”.


To SlySoft people would be really nice of you if help this poor guys getting their licence key without been paying again to you!!What kind of Peoplke you are “SlySoft”!!??Be Fair life is short but memory long of Others here!! Thank you