Need regionfree movieplaying on my NEC ND-3550A

Hi guys !

Please forgive me for being plain stupid … but I’m not sure which firmware to pick or anything like that.
I recently got a “media pc”, a machine built with XP MCE 2005 made for playing only media stuff. As I live in Norway we use region zone 2 for our dvd’s. But I got alot of region 1 dvd’s I would like to be able to play aswell.
When I try and play the region 1 dvd’s, windows MCE just says that I’m not allowed to do that & stuff.
I don’t wanna have to run any other applications than the MCE when I want to play region 1 dvd’s, using the XP mediaplayer and MCE gui would be great.

I’m not gonna be doing alot of dvd burning and stuff here, I just really need to be able to play all regions on my DVD drive.

According to the Nero Info Tool, my current firmware is 1.05 and the player is locked to region 2.

What is the easiest way for me to make my player region free, and what tools/firmware should I use ?

I suspect that my dvd drive is connected as a master to IDE1, as my HD is a SATA drive (can I check the dvd-drive connection somewhere before opening up the can?). How critical is is that the drive has to be connected to IDE2 as a master before flashing firmware?)

This link will get you RCP1, region free firmware.

Thi site will get you the other info you need.

Why not just use slysofts anydvd to make your machine region free?.

(also if you flash your firmware to RPC1 you will still need an app to switch regions)

However Anydvd does it all automatically. You just set it running and forget its even there.

This sounds great !
Does that mean I can skip the firmware flash all together ?
Will the freebie version of “AnyDVD” work forever ?

No, but it is well worth the price. Flashing and using the Region Free software will do it at no cost.

Ok, and if I buy the full version, no firmware flash is required ?

Yes that is right.

And that is the case on all DVD drives attached to your computer. Not just the one you have flashed.

This is good as you wont void your DVD drives warrenty if you bad flash it.

It also does a whole host of other good things too, as well as make your drives completely region free.

Such as remove protections on your CDs and DVD’s so you can back them up if need be.

It will also stop any junk on original disks installing on your machine when you play them via your computer, such as the Rootkits that some companies put on their original disks and which sneakily install on your machine and quite possibly knacker it, i.e Sony XCP Rootkit Trojans

Hope this helps

if you decide to purchase i believe the coupon code “cdfreaks” is still good.