Need recommended dvd+r dl media



Have 2 home dvd players:

Philips DVD 580M
Magnavox MWD200GA

Just burned a DVD+R DL, but won’t play in either of them. It was Memorex. I used Nero 7. First time, I just did DVD+R DL booktype. Second time, did DVD-ROM booktype. So, anyone know of any DL media that will work in either of those 2 players? Thanks.


Until now only Verbatim DL discs proved to be reliable. All other brands have a really variable quality, and very often the burn fails at all :frowning:


Hi I am also seeking advice on purchasing cdr media

I hear a lot about verbatem dvd r’s
is verbatem a brand name DVDR disk? or just a name placed over a package
of generic dvdr if so who makes them?, because I never heard of them before I visited this forum


The brand is the name printed on the box, and verbatim is a brand :iagree:

The mediacode for verbatim DL disc vary according to the certified speed. For example, MKM001 is the mediacode for 2,4x DL discs :slight_smile:

Also for CDs Verbatim is a very good choice. Any made in Japan disc is very good :slight_smile:


Hi, Geno. Do you mean just in general Verbatim is good, or for those particular dvd players?


Geno is spot on about the DL discs - Verbatim really is the only way to go :iagree:

As for CDRs, either Verbatim or any Made in Japan media is good, as also mentioned by Geno :slight_smile:


yes, actually verbatim media (except for the “Pearl White” series) is good in general for any drive :slight_smile:


I meant dvd-r for a Movie backup

Thanks I didn’t know that
If verbatem is made in Japan, it is probaly very good
I will look for that on the packages

Thanks again



Where are you located, Knightly? If you’re in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, you may be lucky enough to find MIJ Verbatims.

If not, regular Verbatim -/+Rs are also excellent :wink:


I live in the US what are MIJ Verbatims?



MIJ = Made in Japan :bigsmile:


Same goes for me.


What!! Verbatems over here made in china or somthing?
thats right OUR CEO’s need to make 50 billion a year
"hey every penny saved on labor buys THEM another Mansion"


In USA most i see here are made in Taiwan.


I agree that Verbatim DVD+R DL is the way to go. I’ve not used these specific units but, as a general comment, older DVD players especially can have trouble with any DL media - altered booktype or not.


Well, I just got the verbatim. The movies work up to the menu, but selecting things like options or scenes cause them to freeze for a few seconds, then the dvd player just says “stop”. This saddens me. Do you know any cheap dvd players that will play dvd dl ok? Or, is there a list somewhere? I’d like to get a new dvd player.


There are so many types of media

Rewritable like CDRW

Same as CD-R (for DVD Movies I think)

what is dvd dl for?



ROPC, what dvd player do you use?


Dual layer all dvd’s are dual layer so when you copy you either use SL Single Layer which requires compression or DL Dual layer which requires no compression as the laser burns over the disk twice instead of just once which requires compression


Sorry about that dumb post of mine
DL daul layer

if you were going to make a backup of a dvd movie you just bought
what dvd type would you use DVD-R DVD+R etc