Need recommendations - Video capture suite

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for non-Pinnacle products to capture and burn movies. I’d be capturing from old VHS tapes and DVD’s played through an external player (i.e. a typical VHS player or DVD player connected to my TV).

I don’t mind paying, but the product needs to be simple to use. There won’t be a lot of editing involved… mostly just capture and burn.

I’ve had some trouble with Pinnacle Studio in the past and want to avoid it.

Suggestions ?


Which capture card did you have in mind?..There are several to choose from…For my simple capture only needs,I use a Hauppauge PVR150 with WinTV2000,that suits [I]my[/I] simple needs…
For editing I use Mpeg streamclip,or avidemux,etc…Actually I use a combo of tools to capture>edit>Author>burn…
I’m sure someone else will jump in soon enough with their, All-In-ONE preferences…

Some reading for you here…

Capture card ? I’m unfamiliar with using a card. In the past I’ve used “boxes” that connect through my USB port. Things like ConvertX or Pinnacle Movie Box.

Do the capture cards do the same thing ? Are they better, or basically the same ?


Take a look here, maybe is what you are searching for :slight_smile: