Need recommendations on new AMD MB; Socket 939

Standard ATX, X2 capable, PCI-E and reasonably priced (no DFI Lanparty $200 board please). Possibly will OC so stability is a must along with a bios with easy OC options.

Probably will be buying from Newegg, so a board they have preferably.

Thanks in advance.

Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe MB. Seems a lot of people are happy with this board and it has all the bells and whistles for a good price. A couple of people have had the odd video issue but I think they got it sorted IIRC.:slight_smile:

Rather that because of better chipset and better support for other OSes than nForce4.

Thanks guys, I’ll take both of those into consideration.

Or the Asus Crossfire:

I see there’s also an OEM-version @ $139.99. I just set one up for my uncle and had zero problems. I think you’ll find the reviews on the Net say it overclocks well.