Need recommendation/suggestion/verdict

Hello to all,

I’m about to go for my first DVD writer…at last :wink:

So far I owned a Liteon cdr 48x and was very happy with it’s overall performance regarding speed,quality burns and last but surely not least, games backup ability.

So now I’m seeking the same overall performance in my new dvd writer, and since I’m a Liteon fan I have a preference to go this way one more time.

I need this to be able to backup PC DVD games, movies of course , and data.
Audio CDs will be handled by the CDR so I don’t have any requests for performance in the “audio sector”.

So I guess my question is this:

If you would go out today to buy a Liteon DVD writer which would it be?

Thank you all




I’m getting a 1693S :smiley:

Another vote for the 1693s. Excellent all-around drive.


1693s - very good and versatal burner for a reasonable price-

What’s not to like-eh?