Need recommendation on new LiteOn drive

I want to get a new DVD burner, my old one works find but the drive 1653S has a problem opening sometimes and I get sick of fixing it.
Anyways what is a good drive it doesn’t have to be Lite-On but usually I never have any problems with them.

I was looking at the SHM-165H6S

I plan on using if for ripping movies/PS2 backups and I use TY 8x media

Firmware problums on all new lite-on drives at the moment i’v had my drive now for 3 months and even useing test firmware the drive is still not working right .Walk away / run from lite-on at the moment . ( I wish i had ) [B]SHM-106P6S[/B]

there’s only a SH[B]W[/B]-160P6S. and why get this if liteon’s are problematic in your opinion? i don’t get the point…

the SHM-165H6S is a good choice. you can use features like overspeed and hypertuning with it. search for 165h6s in this forum if you need more infos and quality scans.

Got the drive SHW-160P6S before all the problums with -R leadin were reported on the forum.Test firmware was a help but makes drive make load clicks on pc start up.User was asking for a Reccomendation which at the moment is hard with the firmware problums. Whats the point in saying lite-on drives are great when at the moment this is just not the case.

I can 2nd that been very happy with my Lite-On’s

What Firmware problems??? I had my 1635S and 160P6S for a few months and just installed my new 165P6S and they all work great! Best burns I ever had a lot better than any other burner I tried.

Please look at the my posts above about problums and the Forum (-R Disk lead in) Glad your happy with it but i use mainly -R disks and the poor lead-in makes playing dvds on home players hard.

ok well i bought the drive and also bought a 250gig WD SATS2 16mb cache HD, god i hate new egg…i spend too much money there.


Stuff that bad boy full of 16X Verbatim +R blanks (MCC004) and burn like mad with GREAT results at 16X !!! You’ve made a good choice and I’m betting you’ll like it.

Loud clicks on pc start up? Sounds like what my 165p6s does. Is your drive able to read discs normally?

With test firmware -R problum is fixed but you have the clicks, drive is able to read discs normaly.

I just updated my SHW-160P6S to firmware 9 and mine also makes this click at PC start up… weird…