Need recommendation for Cheap CD player

Hello. I am an old woman who is not technologically astute. I have started taking a correspondence course which provided me with some very long lectures on CDs. These CDs do not have tracks and I don’t always have time to listen to the entire lecture at one sitting. I would like to have a CD player that will allow me to set cues or at least start at the place I stopped it. Could someone recommend a CD player that is reliable that will do this? I don’t even know what to call such a CD player so that I can google it. I have very little money so I would hope to be able to find one that is inexpensive. Thank you for any help you can give me. Ann

I cant think of a cd player that can do this, as after a cd laser stops, it resets itself back to the beginning. Id reccomend you just buy a cheap cd player, and use a program like nero to set track points, and also use nero to have no spaces between tracks.

I’m pretty sure plenty of portable CD players support resuming from the point where they were turned off. As for the cues, I’m not sure.

Yup the CD player in the car resumes from last stopped position as does my Hi-Fi player.
Have you gone into a store and asked them to give a demonstration?

Oh yeah… i forgot car stereos did that… i havnt heard of a cd player that does that though… ill have a look about