Need recommendation for a DVD Burner (read inside)

I need it to have the ability to scan C1/C2.

One that doesn’t have riplock, or can be riplock-patched.

It must be good for reading scratched CD/DVDs.

If possible, I need it to have the ability to do succesful DVD overburning.

Can burn DVD+R DL at 8x speed or higher.

Can burn DVD+R at 16x or higher.

If there’s a SATA drive that has all of these features, then I would like a SATA drive ^_^.

Thanks in advance, suggestions are immensly appreciated.

well its a shame really but for that for most of it all bar over burning and fast read then id go for the samsung SH182D :slight_smile:

For C1/C2 scanning BenQs are good. Or Plextors. There maybe a few more.

Upshot is, you’re never going to get a drive that does all that IMO :disagree:

Thanks alot for the quick reply! Does the samsung SH182D has riplock?

It reads SL at 12x I believe - couldn’t tell you about DL. So not a riplock per se, just a bit slower than say, LiteOn.

Thanks, i’m basically looking for a DVD burner that can scan C1/C2 and doesn’t have riplock inside. The rest of the features I wrote about are preferable, but not needed.

Is this the one you’re talking about?

Also, does it scan C1/C2?

but the 182 d is amazing at reading really scratched disks burns +r nicely newest firmware i believe dont have hard evidence has made -r burns a tad better :slight_smile: just not the fastest reader out there but can be made region free via a firmware from this forum [B]kanalrette[/B] makes them they rock :stuck_out_tongue: as for scans i cant really say if their accurate as liteOns etc