Need Recommendation FAST!



I’m in dire need of a decent DVD ripper and am leaning toward DVD neXt Copy. It has many features I’m looking for, but I need to know a few things and elicit recommendations. Here’s what I’m looking for:

[li]Software must be able to copy soundtrack to a .WAV or other audio format[/li][li]It must be able to be installed two of my computers[/li][li]It must write files compatible with Zune and other formats[/li][li]It must be stable and fast, and[/li][li]It must be able to combine two small disks on one DL disk[/li][/ul]
I bought DVD X Copy when it first came out, then the company went under and the software would no longer install because of activation problems. So I want an ap that’s not going to have activation issues. If I want to install it on a new computer in five years and the company’s no longer there, or I don’t have access to Internet, I want to be able to install it and use it.

Thanks for your replies!