Need Recomendation

I currently have a nec 2510a and a 2500a which I use for making copies of DVD’s that are made on a JVC DVD recorder. One pc has XP and the other 2000 I use the latest version of nero 6 to make the copies and upgraded the firmware for both drives from the NEC German site. Went thru all the troubleshooting tips found on the forum

I often have failures due to read errors, during the image creating process.
I have used Verbatum, Prodisc, Ritek -R media just to name a few and have come to the conclusion after reading thru the forums that neither drive is very good at reading discs. I am not interested in burning at any super fast speeds just want consistent performance making copies.

So my questions is what burner is going to give me consistent results when it comes to simpley making Disc to Disc copies?

Thanks for any help


Suggest that you get a good DVD rom for your reading (Aopen 1648/aap; Sony 1621; LiteOn 166s - all very good readers) and let your 2500 and 2510 just do the burning-

I have my Sony 1612’s as “Master” and my 3500’s as “Slave” on the secondary IDE channel - I make disc to disc copies all the time (I prefer Ritek 8x -R’s and Taiyo Yuden 8x in either - or + R’s)

Works great for me-should for you too-


Thanks for the reply Mike. Sound like the right solution. I’m just hoping I’m understanding you correctly. Kinda new at this…

Am I able to use just a DVD-rom drive(without A burner) like you suggested to create the image for burning in Nero and then use the NEC drives to do the actual burning?

Mr Ready

Yo mr ready-

Yup - use the DVD rom as your reader/ripper and the 2500 and 2510 just as the burners-

Works very good - and the DVD roms mentioned are very reasonable ($25-$30 US)-