Need recomendation for SATA card for 755SA

I Purchased a PX-755SA on eBay. I have an older Dell Computer with a Maxtor SATA card made by Promise (the TX2 model). I checked Plextor’s web site, and I thought I read that the TX2 was compatible.

The card works fine with the 300GB Maxtor drive, but when I plug in the 755 to the second port, the card crashes, and the PC won’t boot. I then discovered that I needed the Promise TX2 “Plus” which has a differant chipset.

I went back to Plextor’s site, and the list of “compatible” PCI to SATA cards is pretty short, and I am not finding these cards for sale anywhere except maybe from eBay (and shipping from California, on the other coast).

Can anyone recommend a low cost PCI to SATA card that will work with the PX-755sa drive? I would prefer something I can buy at a big box store, or at (which ships from a location near where I live).

Someday, I will buy a real computer that has SATA built in, but for now… I just want to get the Plextor drive working with as little trouble as possible.

I’ve used the PX-755SA on the Adaptec 1205SA without issues (SiI3112 chipset).

You may look for a SATA PCI-card with Silicon Image chipset SiL3112.

If you look at the plextor site, the SIL3112 chipset is no gaurentee of a working adapter.
Adaptec ASH-1205SA - SiI3112 (the one two degrees is using)
macPower MP-PCI-SATA - SiI3112

No Good:
Adaptec SATA RAID 1210SA - SiI3112
I-O DATA SA-PCI/2R - SiI3112
System TALKS SATA-HD150C - SiI3112

n/m delete post at will :rolleyes:

I found an online source ( that is selling the Adaptec 1205SA for $19.99 + $5.70 ship. It is brand new in the box.

They are located in Ohio, and I am in Philadelphia, so I hope to have it on Monday. Of course they coould be shipping from just about anywhere.

Thanks Two Degrees… I received the Adaptec 1205SA card Yesterday. It works like a dream. It installed easily and sees both the Plextor drive and the Maxtor drive immediatly.

The Maxtor card that came with my Maxtor drive was a POS. I am glad to be rid of it.