Need quick suggestions PD dvdr nec or liteon?

i got 2 drives one is supposidly nec other is liteon i have heard nec is better burn quality but liteone does better with other things. not sure what.

any one know what nec drive is in the pacific digital 8x +_ dvdrw drive?

which should i keep? both are currently unopened. i think the liteone is a 851s the 3rd is another liteone but its either 811 or 851 but its being returned got it from staples.
2nd question… what kind of media shoudl i look for with these drives? + or - and what brand? any deals in stores around?

edit: ok it seems it should be an nec 2500. do we think that safedisk or securerom on dvd games might be an issues? i have a liteone 52x burner and liteon dvd reader. but i think most of my use will be backing massive amounts of normal data like large pictures and home videos. and zip/rar’s etc. so i am not sure which is best for me to use? also once i open the boxes how can i tell if its nec or liteon or btc?

i prefer liteon brand, but it seems nec will work better for m backups does this seem true?