Need quick advice on verbatim

Hey guys, last time i bought a 10 pack of TDK DVD-R wich was a ripoff. They didnt work good at all with my PS2 so I have decided to go and get some verb’s instead. I have found a great deal on Verbatim 25 pack DVD-R MCC 02 wich im probably going to pick up tomorrow… unless you guys tell me a reason not to.
Im going to use them for PS2 backups and my burner is a NEC ND-3540

Quick answers appreciated!

What’s the price and where are they being sold?


The Verbatim MCC002 is 4x +R media-

Why would you want to burn old 4x media in your 3540?

Or maybe you got a hella price on it like less than 25 cents apiece-


verbatim at office depot, 100pack 16x spindle 38 bucks



That is an awesome price for some great media-


Thx for the answers, the deal is from a private person and its 13 euro for a 25 pack. It’s very cheap for this media in sweden becouse we have to pay higher tax for blank dvd’s becouse of some stupid copyright law.
I didnt know they where only 4x :o But I will only burn them at 2x becouse thats the best for ps2 backups :smiley:

edit: i spoked to the guy and he said that they where 8x :s

“But I will only burn them at 2x becouse thats the best for ps2 backups”


Around here, we believe that if a disc is burnt well, it’s irrelevant what speed it was done at. Verbatim is great media, you should be able to do it at the speed on the package.

If you burn a ps2 disc at 8x or 12x it wont be good burn, simple as that :wink:
For ps2 it goes the lower speed=the better burn
trust me

Just because it’s a PS2 image, it burns worse than a movie? Gee, I’m sorry, that makes perfect sense!

Simply the PS2 laser is very cheeky becouse it’s made only to read pressed discs. And the lower speed the disc is burned the easier it is to read, its a fact. It’s not like a regular DVD player. Anyway back on topic please

If that were the case, then it wouldn’t be able to read movies burned to DVD±R at high speeds either. However, my PS2 reads the movies I burn at 8x, 12x and 16x just fine.

Thats not optimal for the laser. It is recommend to burn at slow speeds always, just ask anyone involved in the ps2 scene.

Then I’m glad I’m not involved in the ps2 scene, hehe. To be serious, high speed media, such as 16x Verbatim, get much worse results if burned at 2x. That’s a fact. Now if you choose not to believe me/us, that’s your loss. It might even result in unreadable areas on the disc in extreme cases.


ok but I know im right. Now can someone on this forum PLEASE answer my question? 12 replies and not a decent answer.

What was the question? Verbatim is great media. Anything else?

Two Degrees and Q, thanks for backing me up.

Verbatim in general is among the best media. In my experience the 16x +R Verbatims (MCC 004) is the best of the Verbatims - this holds true for a 8x laptop burner (Matshita), a 12x desktop burner (Plextor), a 16x desktop burner (NEC) and a 8x DVD Recorder (Sony).

Nobody makes perfect media all the time however - including Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden.

High Speed 8x/16x certified media will ususally not burn as well at low speeds (<4x/6x) as at high speeds, BUT it depends on the burner and the firmware. Verbatim 16x +R (MCC 004) burns well at 2.4x on my NEC 3500 with fw 2.TC, but Verbatim 8x -R (MCC 02RG20) burned at 2x on the NEC 3500 fw 2.TB is unreadable!

@exhale: Think hard about the following:

If you burn some data to a disc at low speed, do you really think that if the low burning speed makes the disc less readable in other drives when you burn data/video to the disc, that the same type of disc with PS2 software/whatever burned to it is somehow magically more readable in your PS2 drive?

The “wisdom” that PS2 discs must be burned at 2x is from a time when lower-speed burners and low speed media was all you could get, and now this is being repeated over and over again by people who have heard or read it somewhere else, even though it simply isn’t true with modern burners and high-speed media!

You can choose who and what to believe or you can make your own tests and learn from it.

Yo DrageMester-

VERY well said-

Thank you-


Ok Im sorry but I have ALWAYS heard that it was best to burn at lower speeds, even the people in the store where I got my ps2 modded told me so.
I guess you know better.

And sales people ALWAYS know more about this kind of specialized stuff than people who are professionally and/or personally interested enough to follow this forum?! :rolleyes:

Go ahead and burn your high-speed media in your high-speed burner at the lowest possible speed and see if it works well in your PS2. Then try the same thing but burning at 6/8/12x speed (16x burning is almost never as good as 12x or lower burning).

You’ve gotta ask yourself, Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?! :wink:

The dye and technology used in higher speed DVD media (16x especially) is not designed or optimized for low speed burning. Hence you will often times get very poor results burning 16x media at < 8x speed, which has been proven multiple times on this forum and others.