Need Quality Media

So far I have been using cheap media for making my backups(bulkpaq, Datawrite). I want to get some high quality media. Are these discs available from a good choice? Does anybody have any good recomendations? My writer is the NEC 3500 and I am in the UK

well, i don’t burn dvd’s (ok, i burn, but on my gf’s laptop… :wink: ) - but i would always suggest using verbatim media… (for cd-r and dvd-+r)

verbatim has always high quality, makes absolutely no trouble so far… i had troubles with maxell medias…

I would think 8x TY+R might be a better option, they can be written at 16x, but they are pricier.

Sony can be written at 16x apparently with the latest 2.18 firmware - not tried myself yet.

I’ve had decent results with Maxell and the media code on those is YUDEN000T01. I just ordered some of these to see if TY is as good as I’ve heard it is. If the Maxells had been available here I would probably have gotten those instead.

I use these Maxell (YUDEN000/T01/01), and you can be sure that they are some of the best media that you can get.

The quality of burnning at 8X is impressive:

These Maxell are a great choice. :wink:

Thanks for the input everybody. I think Im going to take up panoramixx reccomendation and buy a tub of these discs and see how good they are.


I have two 3500’s and burn Ritek 8x -R’s; Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s and +R’s

All work great - and after I have gone through all my media I will reorder only the Taiyo Yudens - sure they cost a little more - but you make up for it in quality of the media and the total burn time saved-