Need Purchase Info



I’ve been lurking on this forum for several months now in order to learn something about DVD burners and now I’ve decided to go ahead a buy one. But which one??

Here are my needs:

  1. to burn homemade movies to be shown on a standard home DVD player connected to a TV. What format or specification should I be looking at?

  2. to copy an occasional movie on DVD. What would be a good ripper?

  3. to store music in .wav format on DVD to be played on a standard home DVD player through a TV or, if connected, to a stereo system.

  4. to backup data from my harddrive.

I don’t want to spend more than $100. Based on what I’ve been reading in this and other forums, I’m currently looking at the NEC ND-2500A, the Lite-On 851S, and the Lite-On 812S. Are there any others which may be better?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

By the way, I’m also posting this same question on the NECforum.


I think that you are focusing on the right drives for your $100 budget… :iagree:
You probably will find the 812 at a lower price than the 851, but keep in mind that the 812 can burn both (certified) DVD+R and DVD-R at 8x, while the 851 burns DVD+R at 8x and DVD-R at 4x. Some people still prefer the 851, but I have the 812 and I think it is a very good drive. “NEC Freaks” say that the 2500 is very good for burning cheap/poor quality media… I have just bought one, but I haven’t installed it yet, so I have no personal experience about it…




Go for 812S! And, -I cross my fingers- in future you may be able to burn DL (double layer) DVD´s with “right” firmwareupgrade as well.


Hot news!

832 firmware awailable! :stuck_out_tongue: