Need Protection INFO on Eric Young's Squad Assault

any information regarding this game’s protection is killa!!!

pretty pretty please??:bigsmile:

found this, perhaps this helps you:

The original Squad Assault exe did not have any copy protection, but protection was introduced with the patches. The protection is a cd-check…

just a basic cd check? thanks for the info

Hey monkey :slight_smile: I don’t get your question

just a basic cd check?
Are there different types of CD-Checks?

i got coconuts in my ears…meaning is it just a basic cd check …ie…just put the cd in reads volume id and plays…or is it the advanced cd checkes…ie…SD or SecUrom etc…

If my memory serves me correctly, a CD check means the drive does a check to see if it is the right CD. That’s it. So CD Check, should mean none.

i would say if the source said it is a CD Check, that is most likely what it is, because I would’ve thought that they’d mentioned if it was SafeDisc Or SecuROM etc.

What is the site that says that?


I didn’t exactly know what you mean, just wanted to help you with your problem. But your polite answer helped me a lot:bigsmile:
I hope that I know the difference between a normal CD-Check and other protections cd checks and if not I would ask at cdfreaks or somewhere else.
This what I once learned about CD-Checks from the web:

Protection: CD-Checks
Info: This is the most common protection which is used to check if the CD is available or not. It is not really used as a Copy Protection.

So that’s all I found, also something about Starforce and Safedisc but this was mentioned two times and seemed not very reliable, CD-Checks was the winner . Maybe I’m wrong.
Next time, perhaps you look for yourself at google, yahoo… as I did. Another great idea is scan the game by yourself;)


Sorry can’t remember the link found through search machine.I also deleted some of the parts of the original, because I think it would be against the forum rules.

p.s. if I got you wrong monkey I apologize for my irony.

will be picking up the gizame at the end of week… remember coconuts are brown and palm trees are tall…much obliged for the info; its cold here in tampa

You’re welcome monkey:),

got a bad day today so forget about my ‘polite post’. Would be nice if you can post your result of the protection. Now I’m also interrested what exact protection this game is using.

Originally posted by wakemonkeypimp
will be picking up the gizame at the end of week… remember coconuts are brown and palm trees are tall…much obliged for the info; its cold here in tampa

Don’t forget to tell us wakemonkeypimp!

this game uses a ‘basic cd-check’…i have scanned the ‘original’ cd and the directory at two different versions…1.00 and 1.10 and come up with no protection…used A-ray scanner v0.1.0.1

ps…both versions require the cd to be in the installed drive to play

Hi there.

A little late to the cacke, but just got this baby.

I can play without cd with a fresh install, but after the patch the game asks for the cd, and backups don’t work.

Strange that a in-house cdcheck would detect 1:1 copies…

Anyone has more info on the protection?