Need program that forces Dolby instead of LPCM



I need a program that forces dolby and / or DTS instead of one that only plays LPCM (analog audio). What I have is “fdshow” that I play my mkv’s etc.


I’m probably not the one to help but you need to provide a lot more information.

My best guess is you are looking for a “media player” that will do this.


Yes, a media play on a computer, say like classic media player. I’m asking on behalf of someone else so information I have little. Help, I need a lot.


This YouTube is for doing this with VLC player.
Be sure to “Save” after making the settings.
Let me know if it works for you.


I don’t know what equipment is being used this article is for using MPC-HC to bit-stream to an external amp or amp/receiver. Those being 5:1 or better.

This used the KM player but also covered VLC.