Need professional opinion on KProbe results

I just up graded my 451s to a 451s@832s with f/w patch VS0A and need a professional opinion on the results. Is this an acceptable burn? What causes the big spikes on each graph in about the same place? Thanks. Hope it shows up I’m totally new at this.

Yes, that is a really good burn actually.
That big spike may be due to a speck of dust or something on the disc before burning.
You can right click on the graph and select “delete highest point” to try to remove the spike.

Also, you should scan at 4x and not Max!

he said PROFESSIONAL code so you dont count! :bigsmile:

but yes rescan at 4x and if you get a spike like that right click on the graph before you save and use remove highest point to get rid of it. :wink:
but if thats a full speed scan id say its a very good burn.