Need Power cord

I have a Comcast DVD/CD Writer model # DVR-S11B that the power cord overheated and started melting. I am looking for a replacement for the power cord. Is there anywhere to obtain this?

Hi and Welcome!

if a power cord is melting, then there is something seriously wrong. Replacing the cable is not really the solution then. Could you post some photos?


I suggest first carefully have your power plugs examined by a professional qualified electric engineer.

IF by some stroke of luck you are renting (Comcast) the recorder-have them replace it. Otherwise, my experience is that you probably have an internal problem with the machine that will likely cost more to repair than replace. Cords do not fail unless there is a serious overload or a lightning strike or similar. I agree with MR B that you have have the receptacle checked as well to be sure that there has been no damage there.