Need Piodata kernel (all links are down) PLZ HELP




I am about to flash some of my 108 to piodata but both Flashmans site and rpc. org seem to be down, so I cant get hold of a reqired file (kernel 1.10 for piodata, wouldn’t mind the original pioneer kernel too, incase I want to flash back to 1.20). I understand that is is only 64kb, so if someone would be kind enough to email me the file I would apreciate it. mail to:


Havent actually seen it mention but will I be able to rip at higher spped if I use DVD+r bookset to dvd-rom with pioneer 108, than what I get with plain DVD-r? Will I be getting NEC rip sppeds? This would be my main reason for the reflash and to switch my current collection (over time) to DVD+R.

Also plz post if you have sent it to me so others dont have to:)


someone has got to have it!!!


Check your email. :slight_smile:


thx mate