Need PCI Radio Card

After my upgrade from my old 500mhz system, I no longer have an ISA slot which my radio card used.

I am looking for a PCI Radio Card with an internal 4 pin connector so that it can go directly into my sound cards audio input. I am not looking for an RCA type jack.

I found one here:

But this unit sucks, I bought it ($40bux wasted) and its drivers conflict with any SB sound card. After finally setting resources manually, which sometimes they would later undo themselves anyway, this card didn’t catch good reception like my old ISA did. I thought it was the RCA input so I soldered a 4pin audio attachment in place of the jack, only slight improvement in quality. I ended up trashing it.

I have been looking at the USB Radio cards like the D-Link one but it too uses an RCA type line in which worries me.

Does anyone have an idea where I can find the card I am looking for. I might get desperate and purchase this USB to ISA converter here to be able to use my old card, which will cost me a huge amount, as much as a new stereo system would:

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh shoooot… this belongs in the hardware forum doesn’t it.