Need package for batman 4.3e



Has anyone got a copy of the package in the page link it coming up unavailable.

My laptop crashed and now i can’t finish last bit

Thanks in Advance:iagree:


A lot of the file locker sites are suspending file sharing after the MegaUpload fiasco. Perhaps MediaFire is doing this as well? Some of the sites are not allowing US IP addresses to share files.


im in the uk i have contacted troy and waiting on reply i really need this package it been the only one that worked for me

thanks for reply


If Myce has some space left somewhere i’d be happy to upload the package.


That be great thanks


There’s a place where I can upload it Mr. B, but I can’t give you the password. How large is the file? Perhaps you could send it to me as an attachment in an email? If that is feasible, I’ll send you an email address in a pm.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2621730]There’s a place where I can upload it Mr. B, but I can’t give you the password. How large is the file?[/QUOTE]a 170mb zipfile. Already uploading it to two free filesharing providers.


If i could have link that would be great.



Download it asap, since mediafire can kill it any moment.
Kerry, could you make sure it gets a safe place?

It doesn’t include the bathaxx though. Don’t know if i ever had that one.


Thanks to you both for the help i am downloading as reply


Thank you


The bathaxx procedure can be found here and includes a link to the savegame you will need. Remember to safely backup your original Lego Batman savegame, since it will be overwritten.


I’m downloading the zipped file now, and will put an alternative download spot in Troy’s original thread.

Thanks for the assist Mr. B. :slight_smile:

Edit: Link is now set up in that thread and seems to work so far.