Need original QSI DDW-241 firmware for restoring bricked Pioneer DVR-118L

I’ve got new drive with new problem - Pioneer DVR-118L was powered off during the firmware update process (from 1.00 to 1.02 version, as far as I know) - now Windows recognizes this drive as “QSI DVD RW DDW-241” with FW version 1.02 and it can’t read or write any disc, and also can’t be flashed with any Pioneer DVR-118 firmware (fw update tool doesn’t recognize it as suitable drive).

I’ve heard that there is an original QSI DDW-241 firmware of 1.02 version somewhere. And MCSE it seems supports it.

Does anyone have this firmware? I want to try to restore this drive.

Thanks in advance!

Search for the DVR-118x Kernel or it cannot work.

Kernel? Does it use “kernel”? It’s not true Pioneer, I don’t think that it uses same flashing method and modes than older Pioneer drives. It’s even not NEC-based, but MediaTek-based drive…