Need options for new Printer

I love my Epson R320, it’s served me very well for a couple years now.

I am thinking of handing it over to a friend (after I finish using my Ridata refill inks :wink:

What printer should I be considering next? Of course I want to get refills cheap :wink: I don’t need a scanner or anything else and it doesn’t need to be an Epson.

I also want to pick up a Thermal title printer like the Casio CW-E60 Thermal DVD/CD Disc Title Printer , opinions on those or any models?


“cheap refills” and “new printer” are mutually exclusive terms. I would be grabbing a Canon IP4500 before they vanish completely.

The Canon IP4500 can print on CD/DVD’s?

In the US the function is not enabled.
You simply purchase the correct CD tray and enable the printer to print discs.
Use the free Canon CD Labelprint or aftermarket software.

If one were to buy a Canon iP4500 now, and sit on it for a year or two, you could probably sell it on eBay and double your money.
The last major generation change in Canon printers bore this out. We are in another major generation change and the new models are very unsavory to hard-core users/refillers.

Are the newer Canon printers using pigment based inks or are they still dye based?

BTW, I have been snatching up Canon printers that use the BCI-6 cartridges from places like Craigs List and Freecycle and putting them in storage for when our original BCI-6 printers fail beyond repair. Buying a new (or even used) BCI-6 printer on ebay nearly requires a bank loan anymore.