Need opions

I am debating between buying this program and DVDnext copy :doh: … I am having a hard time deciding. These are the top two programs available as far as I am concerned, but I cannot make the final decision. Please tell me what is better about this program than teh other. I am scared about this one as the support doesn’t seem to be 100%… Thanks for any opinions

Hey Iwantitall, you can’t .LOL… DVdFab has a free version and a 30 day trial, why not try and see if you like it! not sure about DVDnext…I have fab and IMO it works great!!!

Hi Iwantitall and welcome to the Greatest Forum in the World !! I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of DVDnext copy, so I’m probably going to give you a slightly biased opinion of DVDFab. You spoke of support and this product. I am here to tell ya that the amount of support that abounds from this webpage is unbelievable. There are so many people that are willing to help if you should run into any type of problem, be it the program it’s self, to problems concerning your PC. There are a lot of very smart people that won’t quite until the question or problem is solved. That’s no lie. I’ve seen threads go 70 or more posts to help a person out. So, if you are looking for support, it’s here. Also, Fengtao is on the site to give his support too. Not to mention Ting. And with the timely updates, you just can’t beat this program with a stick. ~ Mike

I’ve been using Fab platinum for over 2 years now. It is the best software of it’s kind bar none. I absolutely agree with astone2665 and t0nee1.
The support here on the forum is second to none. Fengtao and Ting are constantly improving the software and adding new features. They also consistently update the software to keep ahead of the curve re: new copy protection.

As t0nee1 suggested, why not try the 30-day-[B]free [/B] trial. It’s the full retail version, but expires in 30 days if not purchased.

I’m not sure how much you’ve looked around, but look at a few [B] real user [/B] comments about DVDnext copy from popular forums such as cdr-zone and afterdawn. Personally, I’d steer clear.

Good luck and welcome aboard.

I have used up my 30 day trial!!! Thank you so much for your opinions, I think you’re right and I will go ahead with the purchase. I went and searched more about the other program, and this appears to be number 1. I hope I can catch you all if I need your help in the future…
Iwantit all and it appears I can get it! Lol

I also have DVDNext Copy and I can tell you that it doesn’t update near as often as DVDFAB does so I use FAB all the time.


You have made the right choice. You can’t go wrong with Fab. Jabe

YW and if you get FAB and have any problem at all just pop in and ask as there are great bunch of guys who can help you and they won’t give up until everything is working great for you and BTW welcome to the forum and pop in anytime to say howdy

DVDFabs’ DVD to Mobile will come in handy eventually if you haven’t utilized it already…