Need opinions on Plextor PX-712A purchase

i am kicking around the idea of getting a PX712A dvd burner, does the 8 meg buffer make a difference in burns and would you recommend it to me? i figure it this way, the 16X burners i have bought to date rarely go much above 12X burning anyhow and when they do it is near the end of the dvd anyhow. i see this as i use nero and have the registry hack that shows actual burn speed. plus the 8 meg buffer i think would make it faster. or i am i wrong? would like to hear your opinions on this.
thank you

The 8 mb buffer will not give you faster burning.

The 712A is fast at 12x, but it’s because of the P-CAV write strategi.

The PX-712A is indeed very fast at 8x and 12x due to the P-CAV strategy. In fact it even burns a disc faster at 12x than a few drives do at 16x (using Z-CLV strategy).

The main reason why you may want to reconsider buying a PX-712 is, that it doesn’t support burning to Double Layer or Dual Layer media at all!

It also only burns DVD-R media at 8x and below - only DVD+R can be burned at 12x. It also doesn’t burn any DVD-RW or DVD+RW media faster than 4x.

Appart from these limitations it is a very good burner.

well i have a BENQ 1640 if i ever decide to burn DL, which the way prices are and with DVD shrink i see no need to worry about that for about another year or so till DL blank prices come down. i am purely looking for a fast burner that is quality also. as for -R i burn strictly +R blanks all yuden T02 at that

Got your PM
Well, jbv and DrageMester answered it nicely and suggested that 712A is not “up to date”, and I also agree with them.

Fast burner? Yes it’s a fast 12x burner. But other drives that supports 12x P-CAV are also fast, for example Plextor 716A, BenQ 1620/1640, etc.
Quality? Media dependent. If you got a good batch of YUDEN000T02, then it’s going to be good, and vice versa.

Also, the 712A has reached the End Of Life (in theory: no support from Plextor anymore). Considering your main reasons (fast and quality), your 1640 and PX-740 are much better than 712A. However, some positive points buying 712A in addition to your other drives are:

  • Use of PI/PO quality test with Plextools as a 1ECC scanner
  • Other advanced (CD) processing in Plextools and other softwares
  • Overburn support

If you don’t need that features, then I wouldn’t recommend spending the money-- unless you can get the 712A for a “very” cheap price.

Much” better? I wouldn’t say that. My 712 burns 3 out 4 MIDs I’ve tried on the two better than my 1640 does (lower PIE, PIF and jitter). The fourth (MAXELL002) is a tie between the 1640 and 712. The 1640 does terrific on the TY and MCC MIDs but (so far) is just average on the second-class media.

As always, YMMV. Personal experience by its very nature is anecdotal at best.

Hmm, I browsed my TY T02 12x burns again and indeed that 712A can compete with other drives. :wink: However I still stand my words since “speed and quality” wise, 712A can’t fight with other newer 16x drives, if we’re to consider other media types, which already been discussed in the first few posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: That is quite a strong (negative) statement.

Other’s (personal) experiences made this forum strong and we learned from others (experience) as well. For example, someone here waited and learned from others’ experiences before deciding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Collectively, yes, but individually, no. That’s why I said YMMV (your mileage may vary). That’s why even the professional reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt because the unit each person receives may not be quite as good as the reviewed unit and that can lead to hard feelings about the review or the drive itself.

Your opinion was as you stated, and so was mine. Just addin’ to the collective whole, y’see… :flower:

Hey, I was about to link/refer to that message myself when I checked out where it went! One or two mentions of lockups and I can write it off to hw/sw conflicts as our colleague here did. Same as one or two good scans can also be written off anecdotally (good “batch”, for example). But I made the decision about BSMB (did the same with the PX716, too) when “anecdotal” started becoming “consensus”.

Cool. :wink:

thank you all for your advice. :slight_smile: i took it to heart and did not buy the PX-712A, instead i just won an auction on ebay for a PX-716A. now all i have to do is wait for it to be delivered.

I just hope you a REALLY BIG good luck and wish you got the plextor complete with Plextools CD and all other accessories (which I doubt, if the one you won was the 68.99 shipped). Without the Plextools CD you can’t tune your Plextor drive, FYI.

Anyway, Bestbuy is having PX-716A clearance for as low as $79.99 - $89.99 without rebate.

i already have plextools zevia, here is the one i won which best buy is having the clearance? i have a best buy 7 miles from me and they do not even have them in stock anymore. all 740’s, that is where i bought my 740 at

Don’t get one, Plextor sucks

you know what they say about opinions being like assholes…everyone’s got one and they all stink :flower:

hopefully the 716 will be in the mail tomorrow and i can have my own opinion on the matter :slight_smile: looking forward to doing some comparisons between my benq 1640 and it

though i wish you the best with your 716, i wouldn’t expect one on ebay to necessarily be a “quality” unit…sorry…

why do you say that? i have bought some good things on ebay, only have had one bad experience so far

More than one person has said in posts here (CDF, not just Plex forum) that they will unload stuff they don’t like on eBay. Media and burners.

The thing about burners is that it’s never a case of them working vs. not working. We tend to judge them on how well they burn, unlike VCRs or the Amana Microwave Oven.

Without warranties and RMA service, buying either burners or media off eBay is definitely caveat emptor.

PS. I really hate those CDF-supplied wiki etc links added after I make my post. It denigrates my own use of inline URLs.

what ftp1020 said :)…