Need opinions and info


I burned 2 copies of my DVD “Signs” - one @ 2x and another @ 4x…

The burner is a Liteon 812S and the media are the Maxell DVD-R.

I then used Kprobe to scan the media twice - once @ 2x and another @ 4x…

In both cases, the one burned @ 4x performed better, although @ 2x scan the 2x burn wasn’t too bad either…

However, scanning @ 4x resulted in very bad results for the 2x media - high enough that if it were accurate should’ve indicated an unreadable disc

The attached are the files…

Notice for the one titled: Result (Signs 2x), is the one scanned at 4x while the one titled: Results (Sgns 2x @ 2x) is the one scanned at 2x…

My question: is the 4x scanning inappropriate for the one burned at 2x? Should I always scan at, or lower than the speed at which the media was burned (i.e. burned @ 4x, so scan @ 4x or 2x).

Second question: for the 4x scan of the 2x burn, is it accurate?

Looking at my total results, would the 2x burn still be considered acceptable?

Edit: after watching both burns on my computer and on the dvd-player, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference - so does this mean that Kprobe is wrong?

How indicative is Kprobe of the quality of the burn?

Also, people say that burning at slower speeds results in better burns - why isn’t it the case here?

As has been posted before, DVD-R media typically burns better at rated speed. This is especially true of high speed -R. 16x will usually burn a bit better at 8x, but not much better. Of course this varies by burner.

One point is to note the speed range that the media will mormally work over…

Not sure if older 4x drives used a 2x zone at the start, but for all current 4x media, current drives would be 4x all the way.

For 8x media “8x” drives would tend to start with a 4x zone, or maybe 6x - faster drives tend to start at 6x or above and short-step to 8x.

Anything higher, still has to handle the start at a touch below 8x.

Scans are not an exact science, but on each scan, the drive is “calling it as it sees it” - and on those results, the 2x burn does not hold up well when read at higher speeds - cross-check with a transfer rate test - if the drive has to cut speed on the 2x burn, and holds a better read speed on the 4x, that validates what the scan is saying.