Need opinion on vcd setup im using



well i need any suggestions on how i can improve the way im making my making vcd from some vhs tapes my friend did of himself, he had them copyrighted and wants me to convert them to vcd for him so i am but my quality isnt the using a homebuilt system running win98se,amd k6-2/3dnow300mhz,10.2gig hd,a cheap hauppauge wintv capture card,180 mb sdram,voodoo3 2000 pci videocard,17 monitor,hp8210 burner and nero for burning the vcds, virtualdub for capturing with pic video codecs,xingmpeg encoder....if i could do all this in linux i would have no problems but there isnt any software yet thay i know of for creating vcds im stuck in doze for the time being...i got the quality set half way in the pic video codecs so i can get 75-80 min of video on a 80 min cdr...i know that a better encoder and higher quallity setting would help out alot but this is what i got now so i guess im also stuck with using encode 48 minutes of avi in xing requires 5 hrs of encoding to mpeg any suggestions from all of you proffessionals would be greatley appriciated...thanx alot in advance...