Need One for All Remote code for SV2000 DVD Recorder/VHS

I am unable to find any codes to program my one for all remote control for this device. I thought it was made by Philips but I saw somewhere someone said it was made by Funji???

In any event, the original remote control for this device works when it wants to which disrupts my recording. I record on the VHS and then when the season of shows that I record are over, I can dub it right onto the DVDR.

Can anyone help please? I have the Cinema 7 One for All, URC-7800B00

Thanks :bow:

Rottie95 ;Sorry there is no code for your remote for this unit.I have 2 of these remotes & had to get newer ones.They are One For All also here is the type that works:
These program in two codes for the SV2000 which is a Funai.
The codes for the one above are DVD 0675 & VCR 0000.
Read the manual & you can program your VCR button to switch between the DVD & VCR by holding it down till it blinks again.

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much. I have been driving myself crazy. I just ordered one.

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Thank you!

I didn’t know who made my SV2000 DVD/CD player so wasn’t able to figure out which AUX code to use with my Dish Network controller. I found this thread on a Google this afternoon for it.

Entering 1658# did the trick for me. Anyone else having trouble programming their Dish Network controller to work with the basic crappy SV2000 DVD/CD player may wish to try this, too.

  1. Hold down AUX button until SAT, TV, VCR, AUX buttons flash.
  2. Press 1 6 5 8 #
  3. AUX button will flash three times or so.
  4. Power button should now work with controlling DVD player on AUX.

Assuming that the code works correctly for your DishNetwork controller, use the radial buttons around “Select” for Rewind, FastForward, Pause, Stop and Play. I’ve tested it on this one and it seems to work with no problems.

Thanks again for the help in figuring out where this silly player came from, cholla!

@BtaraKtahn ; You are welcome.
My SV2000 works great .The one I have is the DVD player/recorder with a VHS player/recorder sometimes called a combo unit.
I have Dish Network but I also control it with the One For All remote I posted above.
I did have to figure out how not to have the DTVPal & Dish satellite receiver change at the same time.
The remote that comes with the DTVPal will change the Dish satellite box no matter what remote address you set the Dish satellite box to.
If you set the Dish Satellite box to remote address 2 then the One For All universal remote can control both seperately.
You have to reassign the PVR button to a Sat button.
Use the Sat button for the satellite box with code 1170.
Use the PVR button for the DTVPal with code 1775.

anyone know what the code for this sv2000 dvd recorder for my comcast remote?

@ Aviator79

The SV2000 is made by Funai. So try using codes for Funai or any of their other brands i.e. Magnavox, Sylvania & Presidian off the top of my head.


Ya I finally found the proper code sheet for my remote. I knew I was looking at the wrong one because the codes were 4 digits but I dont get the double blink until I hit 5. So once I fount it, plugged in the sylvania code and worked. :bow:

Comcast has the manuals with the codes online here:
They don’t list list SV2000 so you have to know its a Funai that makes the brands listed by Rusty-USA.
I found both 00675 & 20675 as codes for the DVD recorder.
If you have the combo the VCR side would be 00000 or 20000.
At least I think they would be

does anyone know the remote code for a sv2000 vcr dvd combo to a sanyo dp50740 55" plasma HDTV??

HI, I NEED THE REMOTE CONTROL OF THE DVD RECORDER “SV 2000 WV20V6” i to lose the unit control remote.please tanks. i don’t know to find this unit.

HI, I’m vicente. I NEED THE REMOTE CONTROL OF THE DVD RECORDER “SV 2000 WV20V6” i to lose the unit control remote.please tanks. i don’t know to find this unit.

Vicente, there are a lot for sale on eBay and elsewhere on the internet.

This topic was for the [B]codes[/B] to use to program an all-in-one remote. There are some suggestions for that earlier in the thread.