Need New Writer

Hi Good Folks
I been out of touch for a long time, so Forgive me if this has been asked before.
Building a PC for a friend, but he has No Writer.
Which is the Best DVDReader/Writer to buy,£20 or under, Unlocked. NO Blueray needed. Just a DVDWR/Reader/Writer. I’m not sure of the Samsung or Pioneer or whatever. I think the Samsung Sh-224DB/BEBE.
You’ll know better than myself these days.
Many Thanks

Hello :slight_smile: Any One Know…:slight_smile:

[QUOTE=MrScary;2725109]Hello :slight_smile: Any One Know…:)[/QUOTE]
I want this information also

SH-224DB would be a good choice. It’s nice DVD burner. Also it’s very quiet during random seek operations. And recognizes DVDs and CDs very quickly.

[QUOTE=blackened2687;2725119]SH-224DB would be a good choice.[/QUOTE]

Do you know what is the audio ripping performance of this drive and whether there’s an RPC1 firmware available for it?

Audio ripping performance: unknown.
RPC1 firmware: None known, and there will probably never be any patch available.

Albert, is there any other current drive you’re aware of that has good audio ripping capability and an available RPC1 patch?


Actually, I do not know of any new drive with RPC1 “support”. To quote a previous post on the matter…[QUOTE=cvs;2672081]… Therefore, I’m afraid you’ll have to use AnyDVD or a similar piece of software if you want to get around region coding.[/QUOTE]

Maybe the best you could do is get a genuine LiteOn drive and use one of the older tools to attempt to disable RPC2 or reset the counter, or get a (not longer produced) Optiarc full-sized DVDRW with auto-reset firmware.

[QUOTE=Yirg;2727363]Albert, is there any other current drive you’re aware of that has good audio ripping capability and an available RPC1 patch?


As for the audio ripping capability: many people here stick to their old drives for ripping, so I’m not sure if we have any recent information about drives and their audio ripping. Traditionally, for reading in general, Samsung and LiteOn have been good, and the recently discontinued Optiarc drives have been picky but still very useful.

I wonder if drive databases for stuff like AccurateRip have newer drives in them…

Hi Albert, I’m another oldtimer back from the dead…

Safe to assume LiteOn and Samsung are among the better burners? I need a couple of new ones to retire old IDE burners that have seen better days. Also, anything that’s a particularly good scanner to use with CD-DVD Speed? I’ve been relying on an old LiteOn SHW-160P6S that’s starting to get balky.

Yeah, you should be able to get a LiteOn capable of scanning. I have no specific recommendations on which drive to purchase, but you should get equally good results no matter which one you get. There is a bit of a note in that some LiteOn drives would have come from Optiarc until Optiarc ceased operations (while the rest are more like traditional LiteOn models with a MediaTek chipset). Those Optiarc-related drives are basically the most recent relative to the old NEC drives, and as such you gain more informative CD scanning while losing jitter reporting on DVDs (you still get PIE and PIF scanning)…but overall/otherwise, the different LiteOn drives available should be fairly equal in overall performance.

The Samsung drives would be able to scan as well as a MediaTek-based LiteOn.

There are no fun/fancy tools available for any of these drives, though the MediaTek-based LiteOn drives still have HyperTuning/Online HyperTuning/OverSpeeding features, which started way back with the SHW-160P6S and other 6S drives. (If you never bothered to install the firmware with those features, then I suppose it doesn’t matter. :p)