Need new software (like windows movie maker)

I dont reallt like my Nero editing program but I like the fact that it has the capability to burn and edit and do chapters all in the same package.

I really like editing my videos with Windows Movie Maker but I don’t like having to export them to Nero to burn them. Is there a version of Windows that has a the extra features of Nerovision express (i.e. burning, chapters, etc)?

Why don’t you just look at some of the all in one editing/authoring packages such as ulead video studio, ulead dvd movie factory, adobe premiere elements, vegas movie studio, and a host of other similar programs that do everything. Just know that the all in ones do everything pretty good, but nothing really well. If you want professional quality, you will need to look for professional tools. IF this is a hobby, than any of the above will work just fine for you, and all can be found (on sales) for no more than $50.00, and generally less.

I bought Sony Vegas studio and I like it a lot better then Nero.