Need new shrinking program help with AnyDVD

Ok, DVD Decryptor is out of business.
DVD Shrink is to.

I know both still work, but sooner or later each will not be able to do LOTS of movies.

So if I start using ANYDVD…

and I want to shrink a movie

Will these steps work

Install AnyDVD
Rip with Nero Recode 2 and shrink with it?
Burn with CloneDVD or NERO (or it doesn’t matter)???

The main question is, what RIPPER should I now use that works great with AnyDVD?

You should take clonedvd.
Very very good quality and fast.
Get a free trial version :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :bow: :cool: :cop: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :confused: :smiley: :Z :wink: :a :eek: :iagree: :bigsmile: :frowning: :sad:
best regards Korn2004

:eek: :iagree: :frowning: :sad: :confused: :o :smiley: :Z :wink: :a :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :bow: :cool: :cop: :stuck_out_tongue:

CloneDVD works perfect in combination with AnyDVD.

So it will also let me pick MOVIE only?

@ ronxp2000,

If you are interested in AnyDVD-CloneDVD suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download a copy of the latest versions. SlySoft has a 21-Day “Try Before You Buy” policy and you can use these program for 21 day before you have to purchase.

CloneDVD has a User Manual, which provides a wealth of knowledge concerning the use and operation of the CloneDVD2 software program. The CloneDVD Manual can be accessed in the following manner. On the CloneDVD opening page click on “Help” located on the top upper right hand corner on the opening page. The CloneDVD manual will appear.

Best Regards,

I just wanted a quick yes/no deal before I downloaded anything. I am on dialup, and I just wanted the facts before I tried 20 programs…lol


I see that it shrinks, etc, all in one.


Outside of Clone DVD and Shrink, is there any other softwsre availablemthat is compatible with AnyDVD, like Copy to DVD SE, or DVD43?

I use 1Click Dvd Copy. It’s very simple and fast and the quality of the copied movies is very good. It might be the best copy program in terms of video quality and speed. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some programs have though. It works great with Anydvd. I use both. 1Click automatically determines the compression rate after you click start. Copy to dvd SE is included with 1click.

link to 1click:

You get 3 trial burns with 1click. There is also a discussion forum for the members. It is very helpful also.

discussion forum:

DVD Shrink is not dead - you can still download it from it’s site, it’s just no longer being updated (it’s turned into Nero Recode 2).

Merlin; If you have 1Click and Copyto DVD SE, what do you need AnyDVD for? All you really need is dvd43 and you’re good to go, or am I missing something?

dvd43 will not handle some of the newer Sony protection.

AnyDvd is a superior decrypter. It is updated regularly. Dvd43 is free but you will have problems with it especially with the Sony movies.

I see, thanks guys

I use AnyDVD and Clone DVD the most recent versions. Works perfect.

I insert the DVD in my drive.
Then open up CloneDVD and select your option.
I save it as a ISO Image then burn it.

Clone DVD will automatically shrink it to fit.

The ones I’ve done, the quality was perfect. I copied a friends movie, it shrunk it about 40% that’s doing the whole disk. The result was you couldn’t tell it was a copy the picture was that good. It’s very easy to use. I also have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink as a backup to use also. In my opinion, that’s the only 4 programs you need.


:cop: 1st off only copy what you own. joking

ok I have any dvd and have used it for almost 2 years without any problems at all it just works.I use dvd shrink (freeware on the web) and nero recode sometimes but mostly dvd shrink.
nero bought dvd shrink from the author that is why they look so much the
same. So if you don’t have the $ for nero 6 ultra— dvd shrink will work perfect
to rip to your hard drive and burn with some other program. However dvd shrink automatically opens nero and burns your ripped dvd files. So anydvd,dvd shrink and nero burning rom are your best bet.

ps:dvd shrink has it’s own built in decrypter also :bigsmile: so any dvd is not really needed just a great tool,

Oh really, has DVDShrink come out with a new version recently that removes copy protection within the program? I don’t think so. The latest release did not have it and there will be no more updates so I don’t know how you could make such a statement.

DVD Shrink has always removed protection when ripping - RCE/CSS/Macrovision/PUO, just not ARccOS.

Nero Recode doesn’t remove protection, if that’s what you mean…