Need NEW SATA Interior DVD Burners "MOVIES"

I have been on here for three days reading reviews on DVD Burners.
I am no closer to getting my question answered than I was three
days ago. If I missed something Just send me the link. :confused:
I am looking for new Interior SATA DVD burners.
I will be using them strictly for DVD Movie Backups I do close
to 6-10 movies a month…
Some Drive back up as well 6 times a year.
I am planning on buying them from New-Egg Or Tiger Direct.
I use Verbatim DVD-R 16X Media.
I am using XP for now But thinking of going to Windows 8
That is another question I will be looking for answers on later
With XP going By the way side.
PLEASE help me out all the reviews I am seeing are over 6 months old.
I use DVD Next copy software for all my backups.
Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Do you have any particular retailer in mind where you’ll be purchasing from?

[QUOTE=Albert;2722421]Do you have any particular retailer in mind where you’ll be purchasing from?[/QUOTE]

I am planning on buying them from New-Egg Or Tiger Direct.

Unless you have a big desire to have a burner that can burn at 24x I’d recommend getting a “new pull” OptiArc AD-7200s from ebay. It’s an older model, but it’s good. The current crop of burners are questionable though if you must I’d recommend the LG GH24NSB0. I tested a GH24NS95 (prior model) and found it to be pretty good, but it had limited burning speed selections. FWIW, the Asus DRW-24B1ST rev i (Lite-On iHAS124 rev E clone) that I tested was garbage though I may have gotten a bad unit.

Thank you I see that the OptiArc AD-7200s is a Dual Layer
I really don’t need that but I will do some reading on it.

Every drive you could buy brand new supports DL media, and drives have supported DL media since about 2005–basically, the AD-7200 drives support just about all the same things that these newer drives support, and we know that the Optiarcs were pretty good drives.

[QUOTE=Albert;2722450] and we know that the Optiarcs were pretty good drives.[/QUOTE]

After doing some reading I actually am leaning towards the
LG GH24NSB0 unless you really think I should spring
for the Optiarc I have read that the “new pull” OptiArc AD-7200s
have had issues with burns.
I dunno I really don’t ???
I just want to make sure that after
50/60 movies I am not in this same boat.
I have liteons that I have had for 6+ years and tons of movies and
now there just getting tired.
BUT trust me I am listening to all you have to say.

It’s about the same probability with any drives, whether it will be good or bad once you get it in.

Now, if you are being drawn to the LG, then go for it. It’s convenient, it’s cheap enough, and Stereodude said it wasn’t bad. Just be aware of the limited speed selection, as mentioned (maybe 8x and 16x, 24x if the disc is supported for overspeeding, as opposed to the wide range of 4x - 6x - 8x - 12x - 16x, plus 20x - 22x -24x some drives offer) for normal write speeds. But if your discs just work at 8x or 16x, then you don’t really need all the speeds in between.

Also be aware that it’s a new drive that not a lot of folks have tested out, so if you run across any quirks, we’ll probably have to work with you to solve things, rather than pointing you to an easy solution.

I usually write at 8X so I get a good burn.
The reason I am asking is because of the new drives
seems like everyone still is on the older ones like myself.
I do know all the reviews I have read on here say the OptiArcs
are the ones to go with but I always seem to have good luck with LG
But with the new ones that may not mean squat "LOL"
That is why I am so confused.

First off I want to thank everyone for there input
I really do appreciate all the help.
I ended up going with the LG GH24NSB0 drives.
I installed them yesterday and backed up 2 movies this a.m.
all went off with out a hitch.
Not an issue one so far BUT the ultimate test will be how
many years/movies I get out of them.
I also want to apologize for saying my old drives were Lite-on’s.
They in fact were Samsung’s SH-S223’s and the install date was
02-2009 so 5 years is pretty good I got hundreds of Burns off them.
But any who Thanks again for all the input It really help steer me
in the right direction.
Thanks again