Need new registration key for DVDFAB Gold

I have sent many emails, and used the Support function of the DVDIDLE web site, but no one has responded to my requests. I purchased DVDFAB a little over a year ago, and recently downloaded the newest version. It won’t accept the registration I was given when I bought the software. My email address has changed, so can’t just have the code sent that way. I sent an email, including my original purchase email, to prove I was a valid customer, but no one has responded to that, or any of my other requests. There is no phone number to call, so this forum was my last hope.

Does anyone who can help visit this site?

Thank you in advance!


Someone was kind enough to send me a private message offering to help.

I lost my connection while responding, and while I appreciate the offer, I don’t want to use someone else’s code. I just want a new valid one from someone who supports the software.

I can still use version 1.0.1, but has has less functionality, and won’t work with some DVDs.

Hopefully someone who supports the product can help me out. I still have my original purchase email to prove I bought the software.


Try sending an email to fengtao(at)

Also, did you install over the older version as this it the way recommended by fengtao. I always c&p serial numbers to a text document that I store in at least 2 places in case that I need it later.