Need new printer: budget $150



hey guys,
so ive been researching new printers, was gonna get a laser, but then i saw the the Canon Pixma MX700 All-In-One Printer. It gets pretty good reviews and i like the fact that it can scan and copy as well as print. Does anyone have this printer?

Any other recommendations you might choose? Mainly will be used for printing black and white text but the copy feature would be a really nice addition.

Also, i wanted to buy from, but it doesn’t say anywhere if a black and white ink cartridge is included with the purchase. does anyone know if it comes with one? Hopefully it uses ink realitively conservatively so i dont have to keep buying more ink.

thanks for the help!


How often will you use your printer?

The down side to ink jet is that the cartridges will dry out if you do not use it often enough, with a Laser it won’t matter.



hmm… good question. How quickly do they dry out? probably at least once a week…but could be more or less depending on the week.


What you should ask is what do you plan to use the printer for and how much feature you are wanting it to do? Also you should check what it would cost for ink cartridges and toner for laser or inkjet printer. And look for print quality as well how much you can print before having to change the toner cartridge or ink. Also where you live will limit you to what is available in your location but then you can go online and order as well but then you won’t be able to test or exam what the unit is like and how it works. Asking for budget printer can give varying answer and recommendations.


With the printer that you cite, the concern would be more for the printhead as opposed to the carts.
The printhead is the costly item, the carts are easily replaced.

Printing once a week is plenty of exercise to keep an inkjet printhead clear.
In fact that is the standard recommendation.
I’ve had Canons that were idle for months, print normally after a quick printhead cleaning regimen via the maintenance utility.
That is not good practice, but I have gotten away with it on several occasions.

Lasers are a good option, esp for higher volumes of work where photo-quality images are not needed. The consumer grade color lasers have come a long way.

As for MX700, do you need an automatic document feeder ?
If not, then MP610 may be an option.


what exactly is a automatic document feeder? also that mp600 is about $20 more than the mx700… isnt the 700 have more features…from what i can tell?

ps- the part im confused with is that it says the mx700 can be hooked up to your home network. I have an old epson stylus 8800 printer and i can have that print off my network just fine. It doesn’t say anything in the epson manuel about it being hooked up to a network so what exactly (if any) of a difference is there between the two printers and their networking capability? Thanks guys!


[QUOTE=bhome83;2090622]what exactly is a automatic document feeder? also that mp600 is about $20 more than the mx700… isnt the 700 have more features…from what i can tell?

The MX models are “home office” models with features like fax and document feeders, networking, etc. The MP models lack the fax and document feeder.
For your purposes, the MP610 would be the best inkjet choice.

Canon also has several really outstanding laser AIO models with a scanner, fax and document feeders. Often you can grab one on sale around $150. With your limited use, the laser toner cart would easily last a couple years. I have an MF4150 that I really love, it’s an amazing machine. The MF3240 is a more basic model that might meet your needs.

I’ll add that for documents and monochrome images, nothing even comes close to the quality of these Canon lasers. Plus you can use cheap paper.