Need new peer to peer



ok guys i need are new peer to peer program i dont care what it is just as long as you get good speed’s :slight_smile:


Depends what you call good. I like eMule, handy little thing I leave running in the back ground.

Though saying that you haven’t said which one you want to replace, so I maybe telling you to go to one you want to change from.


if you want speed use a torrent program like azureus.
i prefer emule , a bit slow , but you dont need a “tracker”


azureus try it and cant used it the download’s never start.
mmmm what i am looking for is something with nice speed’s
and good program’s that i can download.


The availability is dependant on the network. the ed2k netowr that eMule connects to is good, but you will bever get BT speeds. You need to weigh up the options good availability and a steady speed, or poor availabilty and fast speeds.


Something easy to use with decent speeds? Tried Bearshare lately? (download the free version)

been using it a while and very reliable, comes with a tad of spyware but is easily removed by ad-aware or whatever and you never have to worry about it again.

Good luck dude.


ty for your help guys i am going to try them.
just getting bord with revconnect and the hub’s. i mean just going though all the hubs just to get the file’s i need is just makeing me insane :iagree:


Get DC++ Stealth, you can connect to 40+ hubs at once and find tons of stuff. eMule is good too, with Kad network, the speed isn’t too bad.



not going to be mean about that dc++ {even thou it is as bad as storng DC++}
but i am trying to find one out side the hub world man.
i even tryed bit’s the other day { 3 day’s waitting for are file :iagree: }
so i think by the look of thing’s i got to stay with my beloved rev.

but ty for all your help guys. :iagree: :bigsmile: