Need New Mp3 Player!

I’m hoping someone can help me here on this… does anyone know of a good (NON IPOD) 20gb+ mp3 player that can be used without the use of itunes or rapsody or some other mp3 software program and just drag and drop files onto the player itself? The old generic INIO player i had just died and i loved the fact i could plug it into my pc and it would show up as a removable hard drive and i could just drag and drop whatever i wanted to play in there… so need to drm or licenses or anything… are there anymore devices out there that would let me do this? Ive been looking at the Creative line, but also the Philips, and Toshiba Gigabeat series as well, maybe even a Zune, but dont know if they work this way… can anyone help me out on this? i’d appreciate any suggestions at all… thanks in advance!

can anyone help?

Gigabeat looks pretty good although it doesnt show up as a UMASS device :frowning:
I have to admitt that I find MP3-players are superfluous when you have phones with good MP3 supports such as Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series (W***).


Like a removable device in Windows (without any additional drivers).

WOOT! has a 20 Gb for $99.99 today…

so does anyone know of a good umass mp3 player? i just went out and bought a zune yesterday, but its giving me all sorts of headaches…