Need New Lite-On DVD-RW

I don’t need Lightscribe, which model Lite-On should I buy? I use the Lite-On for ripping and testing. Do my burns with Benq 1640,1655,Pioneer 111d and Lg 4163,LG GSA-H10a. I haven’t kept up with Lite-On since model sho 1633. This is the second Lite-ON I broke screwing with round cables to get better air movement. Same computer a btx no room to get around. Any suggestions on a model?

SHW-160P6S or SHM-165P6S. the 165p6s supports dvd-ram, so buy the 160 if you don’t need that.

Thanks chok0, I had no idea but did notice the Lite-On had it’s place in my flock of drives.