Need new freeware



My trial version of Nero ran out and I really don’t want to pay for burning software. Can anyone reccommend some freeware that works just as well? Thanks.:slight_smile:


CDBurnerXP Pro
DeepBurner (not DeepBurner Pro, you have to pay for that).

Also, ImgBurn and Burrrn are handy free prgrams to have (Burrrn being a program for creating audio CDs from music files).



Thanks Arachne. I tried using cdburnerxp pro 3 to burn some video files and it started to burn (at least it sounded like it was ) but twelve hours later and it still wasn’t done. These were just regular video files ripped from a dvd. What happened?



From CDBurnerXP website: Burning video-DVDs is limited.
Have you tried a data DVD? If you want to spend a disc, then get Nero CD/DVD Speed and let it “Create Disc”. Just to sort out if there is a problem with your drive.
You may also create an ISO image of your video files and burn that using Nero CD/DVD Speed.



go to once opened click downloads.(Descrambling / Ripping tools )>decrypter or dvdfab good programs decrypter works well with shrink (VOB Tools) you also need(Region Free Tools ) hope it helps not the best but gives you a start


Sorry about that - if you’d mentioned video files, I could’ve tailored things to fit your needs a bit better. :slight_smile:

Yep, or ImgBurn’ll do that :slight_smile: