Need new DVD Burner please help!

First let me start of by saying I have NEC2500A and I HATE IT!! DAMMIT I trew 120$ for that garbage! You might ask why, well because it only read certain types of media. I bought ritek and it doesnt read it, now I bought sony and it doesnt read it either! The only media so far that I found that works is TDK and Memorex. In any case I have around 90DVD’s lying around right because my burner wont burn them.

So I need a new DVD burner ASAP. I dont care about speed or price at this point, just something that burns all media!

your situation seems very odd… btw, i don’t think there is such burner that burns “all” media… i have a Pioneer 107D, i’d recommend it. as for media, Taiyo Yudens works very well with it.

my sony dru-510a burns sony,memorex,imitation,hp,and teon brand


Maybe you should upgrade your firmware for your NEC. Alot of times they come out with updated firmware to make a drive more friendly with different types of media. I don’t have that burner though, so I could’nt really say if it will help your situation.

Maybe you’ve already tried, but you didn’t say. If you do try it, follow the instructions to the letter, and MAKE SURE you flash your drive with the correct firmware.

Also like Ryo said, Taiyo Yuden is well known to be very good media for alot of drives. Read around, especially in the media forum, and you can find out how to get some Taiyo media (ALOT of companys sell TY, but with their name on it). You just have to know how to identify it. Good luck :slight_smile:

Strange, because my NEC (firmware 1.07v2b6) burns through anything I throw at it. . . :confused:


If your TDK and Memorex work with your ND-2500A, why not sell your 90 media or exchange them with some things else? Perhaps the 90 discs you have are of bad quality and it is likely that other recorders will just frustrate you more.

I can’t understand why ND-2500A cannot “read” Sony and Ritek. What did you do with your DVD writer?

If you don’t care about speed or price, go with the right media you know that work well. TDK and Memorex made by Taiyo Yuden are both very good.

The 1st thing you need to do is calm your ass down and ID your media w/ DVDInfo and report back on who made the different brands of media you have.

Who the hell pays that much for 8x writer? Haven’t you ever heard of or price matching at B&M stores?

BTW, all the Memorex and FujiFilm DVD+R I bought were made by Ricoh, at least in the USA.