Need new DVD burner for my laptop?

Hi all my name is David. I have a hp pavilion zx5040us laptop. My DVD burner isn’t working anymore.:frowning: Windows can read the drive but I won’t read any DVDs or CDs.:confused: If I can find a driver for it great let me know where I can get. Otherwise what is a good laptop DVD burner? Also my laptop has a curve on the edge so I need one that I will beable to take the plate off and put my plate on it. My button seems to sit on the left side more then the right. The dvd drive is a TEAC DW-224e but I want to upgrade to one that has a DVD burner. Thanks to any one who responds!:bow:

Welcome to the forum fantasydavid, well it would be cheaper and easier to buy yourself an external DVD reader/burner. AS for the one on the laptop already did you try to uninstall it in device manager or update the driver in device manager also. If you uninstall I believe windows will reinstall after reboot