Need new 7200a Burner and the best IDE Reader for burning



I need to get a new burner for a duplicator that i have. it only takes IDE no Sata.
What i had in it lasted for years it was two NEC 3550A but sometimes didnt write dual layer discs.

It used to be 3 Burners but 1 died and i replaced it with a Sony AD7200A which has worked flawless for the past year or so. Another 1 would be good as well.

Now i need to get 2 more burners to put into the duplicator and was curious what would be the best option to get. i burn 2000-3000 dvds a year at the least so it needs to be able to handle a lot of work without dying on me.

I dont care if it is a new model or old model as long as i can find it online (ebay or other)

Needs to write on Sony, Verbatum, TY, or TDK discs (which is all i use)

I also need a new IDE drive that will read almost anything to use as a source for the burning. the one i have now kind of sucks and doesnt read hardly anything anymore



Yo Konfusion-

Good luck trying to find the Optiarc AD 7200A - only one ad for new was $90 at

For your reader - suggest the workhorse/hard to kill Pioneer DVR 115D - the best darn reader probably ever made IMO. has beige ones for $89 plus shipping.