Need mp3 software that identifies duplicate files

I have many songs stored onto the hdd. many of them are the same with different names. they are too many to go through individually and delete. is there a software which can check the files somehow and just give me a listing as to which songs are duplicated. i know moodlogic software identifies songs but that is not what i am looking for.

As far as i know,Total Commander 5.5 can help you with your task.

I mean the same song with different names. the software should analyze the file somehow and tell me that they are similar to each other.

This seems virtually impossible to me.
Only if the exact same settings are used to compress the file to MP3, because if VBR is used in one instance, whereas CBR in the other, the files are not the same size and do not have the same bit pattern.

Only way I can think of this being possible is when a program analyzes the song by its peaks and when this matches, taking into account a margin of error, it identifies it as the same song…but I doubt this program will be available…

Best I can suggest is categorizing your songs in folders based on artist and then album name (that is how I do it).

For files with different bit patterns its virtually impossible to find similarities. As tax mentioned such a ‘intelligent’ software is not available - and Im sure that 99.9% will not be available in future as well! Any takers :slight_smile:

What you could do is filter out files with different names but same sizes. That will filter out most of the files you want to separate. You could use a utility like Norton Utilities (The sub component is called DiskSpaceWizard or something) or any other - there are many such available.