Need MP3 Car Stereo Help

I am very new but read lots. My car stereo is a Sony Xplod. Supports MP3 is these formats. ISO 9660 Format, or Multi Session. Now I have some questions. Which format is easier? Is there any program that is very useful that is free or has a very good free trial? What is the best program (I will get it off of Limewire or Kazaa something like that)? And is there an easier way to make MP3 CD’s work on my stereo? Thanks!

with nero or any other cd burning prog.
i use ISO 9660 Format

I’ve got an Alpine that’ll play .MP3 CDs. I usually just use Windows XP to burn these .MP3s to a CD.

To do this: Just highlight the .MP3 file(s) you want on the CD and right click on the highlighted ones, then go to “Send to…” and click on your CD-RW drive. When you do that, it will send it to the Windows temp folder and a little text “baloon” will pop up in your system try saying that you have files ready to be written to CD. You can either click on that or just go to your CD-RW drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer and see the ones you’ve sent to the drive to be burned. After you’re through putting all the .MP3s you want to burn in that temp folder (by following the same instructions above), you can just go up to the “File” menu in the top left hand corner and select “write these files to CD” (while in your CD-RW drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer) and follow the wizards instructions to complete the procedure.

Hope this helps.


Nero would be the ideal solution, to my mind. It has an Mp3 Encoder and you can burn the files right away.

You can download the trial version here:

u can use any thing that supports mp3 u dont have to convert them or any thing? u guys r makin it sound all hard for the noob. if ur downloading a mp3 then duh its already a mp3. just use something like ez cd&dvd creator and click on music tab and pick mp3 player disk,then drag and drop ur mp3’s in that u want from the search menu and burn. its that simple nothing else to do. pop it in ur player and bam like majick u r listen to mp3’s lol.